Elio Morelato,

He enrolled in the School of Medicine at the University of Rijeka in 1979 and graduated in dental medicine in 1985.

From 1985. – 1992. he was employed as a dentist at Poreč Health Centre.

1992. he established his own private dental practice «Elio Morelato, DMD».

2010. received his Master degree in dental medicine from the University of Zagreb School of Dental Medicine after completing a postgraduate specialist programme in dental medicine.

2012. opened the Dental Polyclinic Morelato.

With a keen desire to constantly upgrade his knowledge in dental medicine, he participated in various national and international seminars and conferences such as:

  • Advanced restorative techniques (2005, Bern)
  • Astra world congres (2006, New York)
  • Advanced implant dentistry (2006, Mainz)
  • Implant treatment in difficult cases (2008, London)
  • 4th International Congress of the Croatian Society for Dental Implantology (2010, Zagreb)
  • 5th Croatian International Quintessence Congress (2010, Zagreb)
  • Advanced implant dentistry (2010, Zurich)
  • 4th International Congress of the Croatian Society for Dental Implantology(2011, Zagreb)
  • Croatian Periodontology Days (2011, Zagreb)
  • Perioimplant, an international congress (2012, Opatija)
  • Astra world congres (2012, Gothenburg)
  • Course “All-on-4” (2013, Munich)
  • Dental Bone and Tissue Regeneration (2014, Berlin)
  • Quintessence international congress (2015, Zagreb)
  • Croatian periodontal days (2015, Zagreb)
  • Improving confidence in hard and soft tissue management in esthetics areas, Dr. Tabanella (2015, Rome)
  • XI International Quintessence Congress (2016, Zagreb)
  • ITI World Symposium (2017, Basel)
  • XIII International Quintessence Congress (2018, Zagreb)
  • International Congress PERIOIMPLANT 7 (2018, Zagreb)
  • Straumann Dental Implant System, Advanced Level (2019, Zagreb)
  • Straumann Digital ProArch (2019, Zagreb)
  • 7th Croatia Periodontology Days (2019, Pula)

He is a member of Croatian Medical Chamber, Croatian Chambers of Dental Medicine, Croatian Society of Periodontology and Croatian Society of Dental Implantology.